An End it is but certainly a new Beginning for us

The past three months of this year has been packed full for with unforgettable experiences, moments of knowledge acquisition, practical strategy review, world-class advisory at the Women In Tech program by Standard Chartered bank plc and Enterprise Development Centre.

It was very demanding but we stayed committed to it. Here we are, excited to share with you, the summary of our learning outcomes by our world class facilitators as you plan and set out your business Goals for 2022:

1. Your identity is You. Whether it is Core, Given or Chosen, define it & Own It. nneka okekearu

2. My business’s Sustainability is strengthened by my compliance of today, be prudent with your Taxes along the way…Jonathan Ikeolumba ACCA, PMP

3. Negotiate Counter-intuitively, let the discussion determine the strategy Patrick Oluyide

4. Focus on your strength to accentuate your weakness, you are good at something, magnify it-Douye Ikhumi

5. Prepare thoroughly for any opportunity(big or small) you have to present your business, put your entire being into it and tailor your content to your audience Ayodeji Peter Falope

6. “Embrace Backcasting”: based on where I am headed, this is what I must be doing now; the grass is greener where you water and nurture it. Fisayo Okunsanya

7. Wake up each day mindful of the brand you are building and what you stand for, never compromise on them. Nnenna Ugwu Ugwu

8. Be intentional about your customers, you exist because they do. Make the following daily resolutions bearing them in mind-

I will move from Loyalty to empowerment, from Efficient to Intelligent, from Assets to Access and I will be deliberate about value co-creation. Charles Ojei

9. Stop looking too much for the bigger market. Build your market and the market will build more customers and therein lies your Brand…Uchendu Egbuna

10. It is easier to define your success in goals and milestones, meet your set goals and when you look back, you would have built pyramids of success…Adetokunbo Adetona

11. You have Resources, then  Processes and Transformation and the Products/Services. Run the processes in the most efficient manner, the quality of your products/services depends on it. Adebiyi Oladipo

12. Setting marketing, revenue or overall business goals for 2022, Great! Do you whats even greater? Break them down into quarterly, monthly, weekly and if possible, daily goals. That way you know where you stand at the close of business…Elfreda K. Sheriff, MBA, MSc

A, we believe in digital identity, application of these learning outcomes is as integrated as the solution we represent. Enjoy our unique customer onboarding platform and eliminate identity mix within your systems. Talk to us today. visit to get started.


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