The Golden Employee

What’s your definition of a Great team?

When you watch the adventures of Ezekiel, your one and only “yours truly” on the wings of the ocean to Turmoro, echoing…
“I never knew my job will be this exciting”… it makes it easier to discuss the Golden employee this customer service week.

Great workplaces are defined by the right set of employees who believe in the values and purpose of the company and also take deliberate steps to build it.

Depending on the organisational culture and structures in place, some ethical practices helps to define the quality of the team and the strength of their services within an organisation.

This October, we will explore our world of employee verification to help our audience understand the fundamentals of employee due diligence and the need for incorporation.

At, we believe in pre-hire, continuous and post-hire employee due diligence as a business strategy that provides insights to help you make better data-driven decisions for your employees.

Our solutions are end to end, and with your consent, we use data to authenticate digital ID and help you build a great team to improve your workplace practices. There are no borders and boundaries in our quest to provide you with access to information for hiring considerations.

We pride ourselves on the commitment of our team who believe in what we do and do what they love, serving you cheerfully.

Meet Ezekiel, our own ‘Aristotle’ and a Geophysics student in the university who works with us part-time to support his studies. This September, Ezekiel verified 81 employees and helped their employers make data-driven decisions to improve their KYC base and hiring processes.

We are here to serve you; strengthen your employee processes with us.

Happy Customer Service Week!

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