Dear Entrepreneur, don’t you dare give up!

Dear Entrepreneur, don’t you dare GIVE UP!

It’s been an exciting August for all of us at Celebrating our second anniversary stirred in us an evaluation of how we started and how far we have come.
There were moments of excitement at the idea stage and the world of possibilities that stood ahead of us.
Then the reality stage of implementation, testing, customer discovery and product-market fit for our idea and solution.

We had our fair share of self-doubt, constantly grappled with moments of uncertainty, disappointments, challenges, the possibility of failure, the realities of competition, the visibility we needed to grow, the need to change, adapt and embrace flexibility.

Sometimes, we questioned our strategies, evaluated our approach and processes, the style and structures we had and still have in place. We researched, built partnerships and strong relationships that are still mutually beneficial, enlisted in accelerator programs to help broaden our mindset, were open to being tutored, guided and critiqued by mentors and coaches, tested assumptions and applied resolutions.

Years down the line, from 2 employees who started with us to 51 current employees handling clients that use our platform,, to manage their KYC operations, digitize their verification and build integrated digital identities. Here we are, celebrating every milestone, though far from where we want to be, but here enough to take the small steps and face the tides.

Its September, come and explore our world of Company verification and due diligence centered on  these core pillars; Staff referencing, Company due diligence and Retail customer checks.


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