Do you have Blue Heart?

Do you have a Blue Heart?

Drawn by the voices of victims and the joint effort by multiple organizations to implement the protocol to prevent trafficking in human persons, we join the world in this year’s blue heart campaign to show our solidarity with victims of human trafficking. 

We maintain that Preventive and Predictive verification strategies are crucial in our daily fight to identify and combat trafficking around us. While we applaud technology as a positive driver to meet the digital transformation and the worlds’ economic goals, there is no doubt that technology has become integrated and remains a tool in trafficking in human persons. 

Every year at, we dedicate resources to engage young girls in identified communities to discuss the role of verification and background check in preventing crime around us including trafficking in human persons. At this year’s community campaign in a school in Ogun state, we discussed internet use and shared our experiences at Iverify. ng in preventing human trafficking in identified areas: 

  1. Recruitment & job offers on social media
  2. Advertisements
  3. Exploitative services using video equipment to stream  

Reiterating the technology concerns, we referred to these excerpts from the 2020 report:

“Everyday digital platforms are used by traffickers to advertise deceptive job offers and to market exploitative services to potential paying customers”[1]

“With the help of the internet, traffickers have learnt to adapt their strategies to effectively target specific victims, by actively ‘hunting’ the vulnerable and fishing potential victim…”[2]

At Iverify, we have experience in preventing cases of potential recruitment exploitation by providing Fact and quality access to genuine information to unsuspecting persons using verification and background check. This year we pledge our renewed commitment to verify the authenticity of recruitment and job offers for people in Nigeria at no cost. 

We advocate that everyone maintains online and offline vigilance at all times. We stand with the Blue Heart Campaign. 

For further research and statistics, please click on the link [3]

  [1] global report on trafficking in persons 2020

[2] Chapter 5, traffickers use of the internet, Global report on trafficking in persons, 2020


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