Earn it, don’t Fake it

Its Certificate July at Iverify, 

Earn it, don’t fake it

On 28th May 2021, the ICPC arrested some officials of the Frsc for forged Bachelor of science (in Public Administration) degree certificates. The motive of this forgery was purportedly hinged on the officers’ desire to be upgraded to “Officer Cadre”.

Over the years, certificate forgery aka “Oluwole syndrome”  has become a growing concern around us in Nigeria. For the Corps Marshal who led the petition, the arrest was driven by the need to ascertain the authenticity of those certificates presented to him for promotion assessment. 

We were recently approached by the HR of a company that sought our certificate verification services due to his growing concern about the discrepancy between employees’ competence and their behaviour at work. As intriguing as his reasons were, it was a yardstick to overhaul an entire workforce.

There are various reasons companies and organisations choose to verify the authenticity of certificates. Here are a few reasons that may interest you: 

  1. To ascertain the competence
  2. To determine authenticity
  3. To protect corporate integrity
  4. To prevent forgery
  5. To drive consistency in records. 
  6. To access balance in competence and behaviour

The List is indeed endless. What informs your personal or corporate decision to verify a certificate? 

At Iverify.ng, we have competence and expertise in certificate verification services to help you make informed decisions. We leverage partnerships and networks across the academic and non-academic institutions in Nigeria and across the globe to make the process swift. 

Are you considering certificate verification for your company? Give us a call today. Visit www.iverify.ng for more information.

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